Product Recommendations

There are dental products available at our office for your purchase. These products are ones that we recommend and suggest to our patients on a daily basis. They can typically be purchased at the front desk at the time of your appointment or by just topping by. The products are often kept in stock for your convenience.


We recommend Closys II oral rinse for several reasons.

  • Chlorine Dioxide Formulation - cleans and freshens your mouth, kills harmful bacteria, fights plaque, and stops bad breath on contact.
  • Non-Irritating Formula - everyone in the family can safely use ClosysII oral rinse.
  • PH Balanced - It's non-acidic and non-irritating, so it's gentle inside your mouth.
  • Non-Staining - Non-acidic, balanced formula won't leave stains on your teeth.
  • Unflavored - A fresh, natural taste without any artificial flavorings or sweeteners.
  • Non-Alcoholic - Alcohol is the active ingredient in other rinses that causes dryness of the mouth. That's why you won't find it in Closys II. Click here for a direct link


Everyone wants a natural, healthy smile - it's the most noticeable sign of good oral health. Thats why we recommend Oral-B's most technologically advanced toothbrush, the ProfessionalCare Smart Series 5000 with SmartGuide. It provides Oral-B's most advanced cleaning technology for ultimate plaque removal and also features a wireless SmartGuide. Some of the features inclue:

  • Deep Clean mode removes up to 99.7% of plaque from hard-to-reach areas
  • Pressure sensor stops pulsations when brushing too hard
  • Gentle on teeth and gums
  • Seperate, wireless SmartGuide helps maximise brushing performance
  • Offers outstanding whitening and polishing in 3 weeks

Go to OralB.com to view their complete line of home care products.


Closys II Toothpaste is a scientifically formulated paste that works better than other toothpastes for many reasons.

  • Chlorine Dioxide Formula - Safe, non-toxic formula uses the genuinely effective cleansing action of chlorine dioxide to keep everyone's mouth clean, fresh, beautiful and free of bacteria and bad breath. The entire product formulation is non-irritating.
  • Non-foaming/No harmful Sulfate - This paste is formulated not to foam in your mouth. The active ingredient that causes foaming, sodium lauryl sulfate, is a strong detergent that has been associated with the formation of canker sores. Because Closys II does not contain SLS, it is known to help prevent the outbreak of canker sores.
  • No residual after-taste - There are no artificial sweeteners or flavorings in ClosysII, therefore the formulation leaves your mouth with a refreshed, clean taste.

Additional information regarding Closys II can be obtained on their website. www.closys.com


Whitening your teeth, under the supervision of your dentist, has been proven safe in clinical studies over a period of many years. The primary ingredient in Opalescence is carbamide peroxide, which has been safely used to brighten the smiles of millions of people worldwide. Consumers can access the Opalescence website by clicking here.